A New Start!

It's been about a year since my husband and I moved to his hometown, Seattle, Washington. We moved west from New York in 2012, when I took a job at WIRED Magazine, in San Francisco. Since then, I have left my position as design director at WIRED, where I did some really fun work and started a small boutique studio with a former colleague at WIRED, and have moved on to some contract work with exciting companies such as Amazon.

This blog is a way to document all of these changes, an exploration of living life to it's fullest and in a creative way. As a designer, time in front of the computer is essential, and time away from the computer is even more necessary. Taste is developed by living life, not hiding from it. This blog is an exploration in all of these themes. A designer's repository of beautiful things and her attempt to live a beautiful and inspired life.